i.    Walk in: during April to September, it is possible to obtain small numbers, depending on availability. Call in advance

ii.   Contracts:
a.  For small scale 1-2 acres (800 plants per acre) order online indicating crop varieties and when required. Your order will  be confirmed when culture initiation is complete (approx 6  weeks) at which time you would be required to pay a commitment fee representing 15% of the contract value of your order. The balance will be paid at the time of delivery at the facility
b.  Medium scale (10-30 acres or more) order online indicating crop varieties and when required. A deposit of 5% of total contract value is required at the time of executing the contract, and a further 20% when initiation is completed. The balance is paid at the time of delivery.  If scheduled monthly delivery, the value of each consignment less the initial deposits will be paid.
c.  Large commercial scale:  Email us to discuss terms including technical support to establish your own acclimatization and nursery activities close to your farm and thus reduce transportation costs.

iii.  The bulk  of our production inputs are imported and subject to currency variations hence we are unable to post prices at this website.

Crop varieties currently held in our parent garden (but are not all being multiplied)
a.    Plantain: apem*  apem hemaa (CRI hybrid) oniaba and apantu*(2 varieties)
b.    Banana: Grande naine* export variety
c.    Pineapple: smooth cayenne and sugar loaf

*In continuous production

Special customer tailored production

If you have a species of special interest to you, and depending on availability of established protocols, we can multiply material for customers. You have to provide guarantees for the material being virus-free by contacting the relevant authorities or independent lab tests.